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When it’s Time to Call Professional Plumbing Services


A man’s home is his castle, the saying goes. Whether you’re man or woman, you take a lot of pride in your house.

Buying a home is one of if not the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

Because of that, you want to take care of everything yourself, no matter how big or small the task.

Truth be told, that’s easier said than done, especially when it comes to plumbing problems.

In fact, 53% of water damage insurance claims stem from plumbing issues.

While handling a clogged drain might be easy enough to tackle on your own, there are times you need professional plumbing.

Not sure when you need to call the pros in? Let’s go through a few scenarios so you know what to look for before it’s too late.

Weird Smell

If you start noticing a bad smell coming from the pipes, they might be clogged somewhere down the line.

Keep your eyes peeled for strange wet spots in your yard, too.

These are all signs that you’ve got a big plumbing issue, maybe even a sewage line backup, and you need professional plumbing help.

Water Flow Issues

Is there anything worse than trying to take a shower with sub-par water pressure?

It’s not just inconvenient and annoying; it could be a sign of a much larger problem.

professional plumbingSure, it might be that your shower head needs to have the minerals cleaned out, but if you’ve tried that, call in the professional plumbing experts.

Leaky Faucet

Drip, drip, drip – that’s the sound of money going down the drain.

One drip per second wastes an average of 3,000 gallons of water per year – that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Leaks can be tricky to diagnose; they happen for all sorts of reasons and in a variety of different places.

Professional plumbing services can help you find the source of the leaks and shut it off.

Clogged Tub

You might not notice this problem until it’s too late.

If your tub is starting to clog, the water might gather while you’re taking a shower and seem perfectly normal.

When it starts to drain slowly, that’s when the clog is getting more severe.

Call in a pro before it gets too serious and you’ve got a full-blown clog in your tub.

Clogged Toilet

It’s a basic life skill most of us learn with our first apartment – unclogging a toilet.

It seems easy enough, but not every clog is the same.

While you might think you can handle it, seek professional plumbing help sooner rather than later.

A lot of DIY methods use dangerous chemicals or can scratch your porcelain.

Professional Plumbing To The Rescue

At the end of the day, why bother struggling with something that can blow up in your face?

Plus, what if the problem happens in the middle of the night or you have to go to work?

Don’t risk damaging your home or waste countless hours; call in the pros as soon as possible.

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