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Don’t let the Holidays get yucky

You know how the story goes…

Your house is full of visitors, the music is playing, everyone is enjoying the party.  But little Tommy, that nephew of yours that just can’t seem to avoid causing trouble, exits the main guest bathroom looking a bit suspicious.  You think to yourself, “oh, it’s probably nothing.”  But as you continue your conversations you can’t shake the look you saw on Tommy’s face.  You glance back over towards the bathroom just in time to see Aunt Sheryl slipping and screaming as she flops into the puddle that used to be your kitchen floor.

“Was that a turd that just floated by!?”

What do you do now?  You plunge and plunge but Tommy finally admits that he flushed your Elf on a Shelf down the toilet.

Don’t let Tommy ruin your party, give us a call and let us come save the day!

And sure, we’ll take a Christmas cookie, thanks for offering.

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